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A Land of Contrast and Extreme Diversity

Ethiopia is a land of contrast and extreme diversity. From the lowest lowland on earth to the fourth highest mountain in Africa, from the least complicated fascinating tribes of southern Ethiopia to the capital city with the headquarters of African Union, Ethiopia is quite a contrast of historical, cultural and natural attractions.
Traveling in Ethiopia is the same as traveling through time. The rich history of northern Ethiopia, Axum, Lalibela, Gondar, Bahir Dar and others, dates back more than 3,000 years. The fascinating tribes of Omo Valley, e. g. Konso, Mursi, Surma, Hamer, make you fall in love with the originality and simplicity of different human living styles.
All these, coupled with the breathtaking natural scenery and wildlife abundance of the country, makes Ethiopia a first travel site to be visited in Africa.

Dan Sunshine Tours

Dan Sunshine Tours (DST) is a professionally run company based in Addis Ababa with partners of international and professional local Tour Operators and Tour Guides. Our aim is to provide tailor-made tours of Ethiopia to suit the needs of individual clients. We have a very good experience in guiding visitors to Ethiopia. An expertise in all aspects of trekking, historical tours, bird watching tours and trips to the tribal areas of the Omo Valley ensure that all our clients receive the very best service and advice. More information


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