It is our greatest pleasure and specialty to make tailor made tour programs as much as possible to your liking. In addition, we also have standard tour programs that may be used as a basis for your individual program. Such a standard program can be extended or shortened, two programs can be combined or a hike or other activity can be inserted.

Classical Tour in the Northern Part of Ethiopia
Gondar / AR
Discover with us the Abyssinian treasury in the northern part of Ethiopia which takes you through the rich historical, archaeological, ...
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Omo Valley Tour and Harar
Mursi Woman / MT
Discover with us the Omo Valley within 15 days. The Omo Valley is a little visited area of Ethiopia containing some of the most colorful tribes and ethnic groups of the continent. The fascinating customs ...
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Danakil Depression Tour and Tigray Rock-hewn Churches
Erta Ale / AG
This adventurous trip takes you from the unforgiving Danakil Depression, one of the lowest, hottest places on earth, to the mountains of Tigray. A journey of contrasts, the trip starts with a visit to Harar and its renowned market, a cultural crossroad between the Oromo, Amhara and Arari people ...
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Combination Tour
Mural / AR
This 22 days cultural and historical adventure takes you through the rich historical, archaeological, religious, natural and cultural attractions of Ethiopia. It focuses on the historically important regions of ...
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Ethiopian Festivals
Timket, feast of Epiphany two weeks after the Ethiopian Christmas, is the greatest festival of the year. It is a three-day affair beginning on the eve of Timket with a procession of the tabots, a replica of the Ark of Moses. The following morning Christ's baptism in the Jordan River ...
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Trekking Tour in the Simien Mountains
Simien Mountains / AR
Join our 14 days trekking tour on the Simien Mountains with its impressive beauty and dramatic views, described as the most marvelous of Abyssinian landscapes. Here you can climb Ras Dashen, the highest peak of Ethiopia (4,543 meter). We combine this exceptional tour with ...
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Plan Your Own Tour
Gelada Baboon / AR
If you would like, we can also organize an extension of your group tour on individual basis or with other members of your group to Harar and Awash National Park, western Ethiopia, Surma area, Langano and any other destination ...
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Other interesting tour programs are:

Trekking in the Bale Mountains:
It is an unspoilt mountain-wilderness with forests, moor land, extensive heather-fields, rivers, streams, alpine lakes where more than 60 mammals and 270 bird species have their home. This is really a relaxed "back to nature" experience. Short treks of 2 or 3 days, long treks of 7 - 10 days and everything in between is possible.
Bird Watching Tour:
17 days tour brings you to the most beautiful places in Ethiopia to observe the amazing, beautiful variety of endemic (17 species) and non-endemic birds (totally 862 species).
City Tour to Dire Dawa and Harar:
The thousand year old walled Muslim city, which is considered by some Muslims as the most important pilgrimage place after Jerusalem, Mekka, and Medina. A city full of monuments which speak of a rich and eventful past.
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