Trekking - A Challenging but Rewarding Experience

Our extensive knowledge of trekking routes guarantees a wonderful exciting but safe trek. We can arrange a trek to suit any ability, age and fitness, from 2 days up to and beyond 21 days. Please contact us for further information about our itineraries, including more details about distances, altitude and terrain.

Simien Mountains - The Roof of Africa

Come trekking in the Simien Mountains! Face the challenge of climbing Ras Dashen, the highest mountain in Ethiopia with a height of 4,620 m. Enjoy the spectacular landscape of the most beautiful mountain range in Africa with deep gorges, volcanic cores and stunning precipices.
Protected by the Simien National Park, the area is home to a variety of endemic plants and animals.

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Maqdala - A Trek back into the Past

Follow the route taken by General Napier in 1868 from Mekele via lake Hashengie to Maqdala, a stunning flat topped plateau about 3,000 m high. Maqdala is the site of a famous battle between General Napier and King Tewodros II in 19th century. Travelling through beautiful, remote areas is like trekking back into the past. Each night we camp at the campsites used by the army all those years ago. The terrain is challenging but the friendliness of the local people is certain.

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Tigray Rock-Hewn Churches - Open-Air Museum Churches

In the region of Tigray there are more than 120 rock-hewn churches. Among them Gheralta churches of the 13th, 14th and 15th century, are one of the best kept secrets. Not as imposing architecturally as the rock-hewn churches of Lalibela their positions, often hugging the tops of mountainous outcrops, towering nearly 2,500 meters above the plains more than make up for this. The more remote churches are little visited by comparison with those at Lalibela and have an aura of their own; a wonderful solitude where one can easily forget the frantic pace of life.

For those wishing to visit the Gheralta area of Tigray, Mekele is the best centre from which to visit the rock-hewn churches. Any fairly active traveller will be able to visit the more remote churches, but still may stay in hotels in Wukro, Adigrat or Mekele. However, those able to camp and walk further afield will be amply rewarded by the choice of churches open to them to visit.

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Bale Mountains - Nature's Greatness

Located in the south-east of the country, which extends over the massif of Bale, the mountain reaches a peak of 4,377 m above sea level, the third highest in Ethiopia. This is one of the greenest areas of Ethiopia with an abundant supply of water. Vast pasturelands and forests of incomparable beauty alternate with moors of Heather and Juniper. There are many protected species of mammals in the park, including the Nyala, Menelik's Bushbuck, and the rare fox of the Simien Mountains, all of which are endemic animals of Ethiopia.

Sof Omar cave is one of Africa's largest caves. The cave area is typically characterized by flat topography and deep gorges cut by the river Web which forms the cave. The beauties of the cave consist in the untouched and wild aspects of the huge main passages, the shape of the galleries and the white color of the lime stone basalt forming the walls.

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